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    Reviews & Testimonials

    Black Widow Vaporizer Review

    Here is the Black Widow vaporizer

    When you first open the box and hold this unit in your hand you can feel and tell it is built with quality material. I was very impressed with the build and it got me very exited in getting this unit working. But first we need to charge the unit and then do 5 cycles at the highest temp in order to sterilize the unit and to burn off any oils left behind from manufacturing it.
    What I noticed when sterilizing it was the heating time is very fast even on the highest temperature setting. And that the 1 button user friendly unit makes it easy to understand and work.

    Ok now to using it with dry herb. First hit I was exited as my taste buds exploded with fresh herb flavour and nice thick clouds.

    With its 2200 mAh battery this baby can get you easily 60 minutes of straight vaping. Unit shuts off after 5 minutes but just click it 5 times quick and she starts back up in no time. Powerful magnets hold the mouthpiece in place with ease.
    To cycle the 5 pre set temperatures you just hold down the button . When desired temp is selected just let it go. Red light means heating up and when it gets green she is ready to go.

    When packing the unit do not over pack just a light packed chamber gives best results. I never stir my herb in the chamber during a session and it always cooks it evenly.

    Upgrades that I would love to see on it would be a digital an OLED display with variable temperature in 1 degree increments and a programable shut off time. I know, that most love the 5 minute shut off but to me 12 to 15 would be my choice.

    With all this said the Black Widow is a must try unit ! I highly recommend this one.



    Black Mamba Vaporizer Review - Best Value Dry Herb Vape by Namaste Vapes

    Review by Namaste Vapes

    The Black Mamba! One of the most highly anticipated machines that Namastevapes has ever seen! This dry herb, conduction vaporizer, with a very interesting design and even more interesting mechanics, has taken the vaping world by storm and here is one of the first looks at this new step in innovation.

    What’s really excited people about this vape is the full ceramic chamber with a hidden, removable glass stem that is in the mouth piece. Normally, vapes like these go with plastic, but Black Mamba found a way to incorporate the ceramic-glass vape channel that many people say add a tremendous flavour.

    With its sleek, elegant and rounded design, complete with a soft, elastic finishing around the hand grip, you can tell that this was a vaporizer designed to be used. USB charged, the Black Mamba uses 5 different temperature settings to give control to the user to maximise efficiency, and the full chamber can be vaped on even the lower settings, so it really is up to personal choice, many are however recommending the middle settings.

    The Black Mamba, like many conduction machines that focus on flavour, really are a sit down and enjoy kind of vape, not the kind of thing you carry around all day, but even still, on a full charge, the Black Mamba can last hours, which is impressive to say the least!

    Get on board with this cheap but flavourful little device that people are comparing to top shelf products but at a much lower price! If you have an appreciation for simple and effective designs that don’t cut any corners, especially on taste, then I think the Black Mamba might be for you! Even for beginners, there’s not a lot understand how it works. It relies on the same concepts that all other vapes use, but elevated, and I think that’s why the Black Mamba is going to be one of the vapes to remember for a very long time to come!